5 Strategies for Corporate Wellness Coaches

Whether you’re a health coach, trainer or nutritionist, if you have a desire to help people improve their lives, there are plenty of opportunities for you in the corporate wellness field. This niche is very different from working with individual clients, and it requires a new set of skills.

Corporate wellness is one of the fastest growing areas in the fitness industry. As a result, it’s an excellent way to increase your revenue and build a sustainable business. It’s also a great way to reach a large audience in a short amount of time.

Unlike the individual wellness coach, the corporate wellness coach is working with a group of employees (a corporation or company). The focus of this type of coaching is to develop a healthier workplace culture by helping to create healthy lifestyle habits for their employees. Usually, this involves providing education and coaching in a variety of areas such as diet, exercise, stress management, sleep improvement, and more.

Companies are starting to realize the value of a healthy workforce and are investing in wellness programs that will lead to increased productivity, happier employees, and less absenteeism. In addition, these companies are looking to reduce their overall health-related costs by reducing the number of employees with chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and arthritis.

As a result, there is a big demand for corporate wellness coaches. If you’re interested in launching a career in this space, here are five strategies to help you make the transition smoothly.

1. Networking – Having connections within the wellness world and having the right relationships can save you a lot of time when it comes to breaking into this market. If you’re able to get an introduction from a friend or colleague, it will be much easier to connect with decision makers in the corporate world.

2. Project Management – If you’re going to be successful in the corporate wellness space, you’ll need to have some strong organizational skills. This includes being able to coordinate with multiple vendors, scheduling meetings with a team of people, and handling a large volume of information on a daily basis.

3. Marketing – There are many parts of the job that will be similar to being a politician. You’ll need to be able to promote the positives of your programs and spin the negatives so that you can maintain support from executives and get budgets approved every year.

4. Financial Planning – As a corporate wellness coach, you’ll be responsible for managing a large budget and calculating the cost of each program that you offer to each employee. You’ll need to understand the financials behind each project and be able to make smart decisions about which programs are worth your money and which aren’t.

5. Customer Service – You’ll be working with employees on a regular basis, so it’s important to be patient and understanding when dealing with issues that may arise during the course of your work. Especially if you’re working with a group of high-stress individuals that are often stressed out at their jobs.

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