Airplane Earrings

Airplane earrings are a great gift for any pilot or aviation enthusiast. These airplane studs are a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one. They will be sure to love these cute little airplanes. They are a good choice for those who have sensitive ears too. These airplane studs are crafted from 925 Sterling Silver. These earring are super comfy for those with sensitive ears. Soft plastic backs are included for a comfortable fit. These earring will not fade or wash away. Each earring is shipped in a cute cardboard jewelry box and cardboard envelope.

Most earrings don’t require removal for airport security. However, if they trigger the metal detectors you may need to undergo a pat down. It’s best to pack your earrings in your carry-on bag so they can be kept close to you.

Many types of earrings will set off the metal detectors but it’s rare that they will need to be removed for screening at a checkpoint. It all depends on the sensitivity of the metals used and whether or not they contain a magnetic element. Fine earrings that are made from precious metals like gold or silver won’t trigger the sensors because they aren’t magnetic. It’s the larger costume jewelry type earrings that have a higher metal content that could cause you to get a pat down.

Earrings are a fun way to express your style or current trends. They don’t have to be classic and timeless but they do need to be well made.

A wire attached and hinged on the back of an earring to hold it in place. This feature is useful if you have a large hoop earring that is too heavy for your lobes to support on their own.

A process that strengthens an item by heating it and allowing it to cool while under pressure. This hardens the material, causing it to be stronger and more durable. It is also used to make certain types of chains.

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