An MBA Is a Symbol to Employers That Graduates Have Skills Needed to Advance Their Careers

An MBA is a graduate-level degree that teaches students how to manage and lead teams in business. It’s a symbol to employers that graduates have the skills needed to advance their careers and increase their earning potential.

An online MBA is a flexible option for working professionals. Many schools offer accelerated options, which allow you to earn your degree in less than two years. You can also complete a part-time program, which can give you the flexibility to work while you study. Some companies even pay for their employees to earn an MBA.

Most MBA programs require a bachelor’s degree and a GMAT score. Some programs are more selective than others, so it’s important to consider the criteria for the program you want to apply to. Top-ranked MBA programs tend to have strict admissions requirements, with high GMAT scores and extensive professional experience a must. However, lower-ranked MBA programs and EMBAs designed for older students may be more flexible with admissions standards.

During the MBA program, you’ll learn both theoretical knowledge and practical applications of those concepts. Core and introductory courses cover topics like accounting, finance, marketing and management basics, while electives provide you the opportunity to either officially work toward a concentration or simply take classes that match your interests.

During an MBA program, you’ll also build connections with your fellow students. Most MBA programs place a heavy emphasis on team projects and group assignments, so you’ll likely get to know your classmates very well. Additionally, if your program has a global presence, you’ll have the chance to meet colleagues from around the world and gain a new perspective on how businesses operate internationally. mba

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