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Angel figurines are an elegant gift for any occasion. Carved by artist Susan Lordi, her figures evoke emotion through simple gestures, inspiring hope and healing.

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Angel Statues

Angels are celestial beings who have the task of guarding and guiding human behavior. They are also a symbol of love, making them popular gift ideas for loved ones and friends. You’ll find many different styles of angel statues, including church angel sculptures and cherub angel figurines. These figures can be used to decorate your home, or they can make wonderful gifts for people who have suffered a loss. You can even give an angel to a loved one who has passed away, as they are thought to be a guide for the dead.

Some angel consultants believe that every person has a personal guardian angel who watches over them and inspires them with strength, love, and spiritual fortitude. These light beings can communicate with you in a variety of ways, from a tingling sensation to a dream in which they contact you. You can buy a statue of your guardian angel to keep near you or to give as a thoughtful spiritual gift to someone else.

You’ll find a wide variety of ornamental angel gift ware at wholesale prices when you shop online at Global Sources. Choose from sleeping angel figurines, standing angel statues, and kneeling angel figurines to add to your collection of angels. These figures also make great Christmas decorations and can be displayed in a mantlepiece or on your table.

Angel Figurines with Instruments

Angel figurines with instruments add a unique touch to your holiday decorations. Display them on a tabletop or mantel, or give them as gifts to friends and family. This set of two gold and gray angels exudes elegant holiday sparkle. The gray bodies have a rustic, vintage style, while the golden wings and crowns lend shimmer to any display. One of the angels holds a heart, while the other carries a star.

Whether you’re looking for an angel figurine to decorate your home or to give as a gift, 1stDibs has a wide selection of unique options to match your taste. There are angels in a variety of styles, from neoclassical and Art Deco to Mid-Century Modern. You can also find angel statues in a variety of materials, including art glass and blown glass.

Whether you’re decorating your home for the holidays or looking for a year-round reminder of spirituality and love, these angel figurines are the perfect choice. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes to find the right one for your home. They’re also a great addition to any music-themed display, such as a musical angel group or an orchestra. And if you’re buying for a musician, you can’t go wrong with a musical instrument-shaped angel! The best part? These figurines are available at a fraction of the cost of their retail counterparts.

Angels & Cherubs

Cherubim, which appear in both Judaism and Christianity, are the group of angels God assigned to protect his glory on earth. The Bible says they guarded the entrance to Eden so that it could never be corrupted by sin. Today, they continue their mission, presiding over holy spaces and urging people to confess and accept God’s forgiveness, learn spiritual lessons from mistakes, and change their choices so they can grow closer to him.

They work closely with Archangel Metatron to record every word, thought, and action on the planet in a celestial archive. They monitor and assess holiness, love, spiritual understanding, and light energy. These hard-working angels grieve when they must record bad decisions and rejoice when they find good ones.

Their appearance can vary depending on their mission, but they’re always adorned in long white robes, often with blue or gold belts and jewelry. Their wings are modeled after large birds such as eagles and swans. They can make music with their voices and beat their wings to create rhythms. They also communicate with one another and with humans by telepathy. The popular image of angels as cute little infants with a tiny set of wings started in the Renaissance, when Italian artist Paolo Piccioli created artwork that showed chubby children with wings. But this depiction is far from the truth of biblical angels.

Willow Tree

The Willow Tree line is intimate and expressive, with figurative sculptures that speak in quiet ways to heal, comfort, protect and inspire. Artist Susan Lordi’s focus is on the emotional connection that each figure evokes with its simple forms and expressions. These are gifts for special friends who have experienced loss or a difficult diagnosis, a new baby or a wedding anniversary.

These are the times when a thoughtful gift communicates what words can’t. Your customers turn to the Willow Tree brand when they want a gift that conveys hope, healing and remembrance. For example, the delicate Remembrance Angel is a beautiful way to honor the sweet memories of a friend or loved one who has passed away.

Similarly, an elegantly seated angel with her arms around a couple sizzles with romantic chemistry. Titled Around You, this seated angel is also available as a Keepsake Box and a Cake Topper. It makes a wonderful wedding, birthday or anniversary gift for newlyweds starting their own traditions.

The Willow Tree Nativity is an artistic masterwork that captures the essence of the Christmas story in a stunning presentation. Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and animals are carved proportionally to create a powerful presence. In addition, the set includes a sculptural wood backdrop and an angel stand. Other figures with prayerful postures – such as Angel of the Spirit, A Prayer for Healing and Prayer of Peace – add strength to a Nativity display. angel figurines suppliers

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