Antique Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are known for their elegance and sophistication, maintaining their beauty for centuries. They are also woven with the highest quality materials and are a beautiful addition to any home. These rugs are often woven with intricate designs and patterns that evoke mysticism and mystery. The rug’s design can be inspired by ancient beliefs and traditions that gave them special significance. They can be a symbol of protection, fertility, and good luck. Their design and meaning have inspired artists, designers, and cultures that are far away from the region of their origin.

There are many galleries that carry antique persian rugs in their collection today. One of the most renowned is Doris Leslie Blau, located in New York City. Another reputable gallery is Coco Carpets, which has a diverse collection of rugs of different sizes and styles.

Antique persian rugs can be recognized by their fringe, which is usually formed as part of the weaving process. This is a distinguishing feature that sets them apart from modern rugs. Moreover, the fringe on an antique rug is sewn into the rug unlike the modern ones where the fringe is attached later.

Different types of Persian rugs are woven by various regions and communities. For instance, those coming from cities like Isfahan are flowery and intricate. Those from villages are more geometric in design. The ones coming from the rug-weaving center of Heriz are symmetrical and have oversized geometric medallions.vintage persian rugs

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