Best CBD For Sleep

CBD can help with sleep, whether it’s to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep or increase deep and REM sleep. It also helps calm the anxieties that often keep people awake. While it won’t treat insomnia or other sleep disorders, like narcolepsy, CBD can provide an alternative natural method for those who struggle to get restful sleep due to anxiety.

Unlike clinical sleep medicines, CBD is safe and non-habit forming. It works by targeting specific endocannabinoid receptors to boost the production of sleep hormones, without leaving you feeling groggy in the morning. The best cbd for sleep is a good choice for those who suffer from insomnia or are struggling to get a full night of restful sleep because of stress, pain, or anxiety.

The best cbd for sleep comes in the form of sublingual products, meaning that it’s placed under the tongue to be absorbed through the mucus membranes. This type of delivery is preferred because it offers a fast-acting effect with the longest duration.

Our top picks for the best cbd for sleep are CBDistillery’s 5,000mg tincture, Sunday Scaries’ sleep formula, and Soul’s melatonin + CBC + CBN gummies. These products feature a blend of sleep-promoting herbs, botanicals, and cannabinoids that work to soothe the mind and promote restful sleep. They all contain trace amounts of THC, but none of our testers reported any noticeable high-effects. The gummies and tincture are also made with all-natural ingredients, third-party lab tested, and U.S. Hemp Authority certified, ensuring quality and safety. best cbd for sleep

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