Choosing a Wedding DJ – ZEN and the Art of Choosing a Wedding DJ

A Wedding Reception reflects your style and personal ambiance. It is foremost a party thrown to celebrate the day of all days in your life’s journey. Success in planning a party arises from the love, skill and charisma inside of you… the one who chooses. Choosing a DJ is the premier decision you make to insure a great event. Everything else can be perfect, but if the music isn’t good, the party will fizzle right there before your eyes. There are over 100,000 DJs in America each one promising they’ll do a great job for you. So just exactly how do you choose the right one for you?

“Just as the image of the full Moon touches the surface of the lake so does the dust that falls on the shadow of the bamboo” Zen Masters

Zen is experiencing the subtle. What your DJ does behind the scenes to make your party ‘Rock’ is unknowable to you. You see people having fun and dancing with music that is not too loud or at appropriate moments, pumping ‘solid’ ! The DJ is dressed stunningly and keeps the rhythm of the moment on the ‘upside’. Finding a DJ who is a consummate entertainer, your personal Tech Expert with sound and lights as well as Master of Ceremonies with picture perfect timing is very achievable … if you know how to spot a few traits and ask the right questions. For example don’t get confused by , or lost in the lists and lists of equipment and all the catalogs of sound gear some DJ companies present as their credentials. All professional DJ’s have the best gear as a standard offering….your inquiries should focus more on the listening for music the DJ talks about and whether or not he has a quick knowledge command of even somewhat obscure artists, songs, remakes that are brought up in the course of a conversation either in person or on the phone. You can test him on this by mentioning musical groups or artists you know about and just take note of where he goes with that.

“One moon shows in every pool in every pool the one moon” Zen Forest Saying

Absolutely the worst method of choosing a DJ is on price alone. Some DJs are just more expensive than others. Prices can range from $400 to $2,000 for a 4 hour event. Big difference, and it can be very tempting to go with the cheapest alternative. If that’s all you can afford, than you have no choice. Consider the law of supply and demand. There is a distinct reason some DJs can charge more money than others. They are usually worth it. More expensive DJs tend to be the more experienced DJs. They can charge more because they are in demand and have a lot of jobs, and they have a good reputation. Generally, the DJs on the low end of the price scale are new to the business, and trying to get established. They could do a great job, and might be worth a shot if your party is on the informal side. Remember, there is a whole lot more risk with a less experienced person. When it comes to a wedding reception, you want a professional entertainer, not crossed fingers. As you speak with the DJs, pay attention to their professionalism over the phone. It tends to spill over into their DJ style.

“When the task is done beforehand, then it is easy.” Zen master Yuan-tong (The Tao of Abundance 100)

Few people know that Musicians, Actors and Artistically inclined people make the best DJs. Now that you have learned this trade secret, use it to your advantage. Ask the DJs you interview about their backgrounds. Theater or ‘plays a musical instrument’ background …..good …. insurance, real estate or construction background ….honorable trades, but not necessarily the optimum DJ. The DJ craft is learned with hands on experience…. not taught in University. It is an art form. In your interview process look for someone who is open minded, funny and flexible. Does your DJ easily converse about music styles, artists and song titles ? These are personality ‘cues’ you must quietly observe, and if present, they are the subtle signs of a true artistic professional who will do more than a great job and who will have completed the task of ‘rocking’ your party before one musical note is sounded at the reception…

“To set up what you like against what you dislike — this is the disease of the mind.” Seng-T’San.

A mistake often made by some is to try to be the expert about ‘your’ crowd’s musical tastes. A pro DJ will listen and interpret your preferences taking notice of your ‘don’t play’ list and your special requests. Performing music that will appeal to the masses at your party is a term of art known as a commercial ‘mix’ and it is not necessarily the same worn out songs you have heard hundreds of times at hundreds of receptions. Allow your DJ artistic ‘license’ with a majority of the music. Music is a DJ expertise after all. Look for a DJ who will appeal to the crowd as a whole (including kids) not just a limited age group. Even if you develop a bond of trust in conference with the DJ always request references …. trust but verify your intuitions.

“A flower falls even though we love it, and a weed grows even though we do not love it” Dogen Zenji

Good customer service along with phone and Email connections with your DJ Service are important. Always call the DJ Service the day or two before the event to verify the service … just as a back up! Inquire if your DJ has back-up electronics in the event of equipment failure. Troubleshooting your event in advance is always a great plan.

“Lovely snowflakes, they fall nowhere else!” Zen Saying.

Yours will be a party that everyone will be ‘buzzing’ about the next day or whenever they see you in the near future. Your friends and family’s compliments will be heartfelt and true. Your reception will have been spontaneous and unique in the world. Follow your inner instincts (and employ a few trade secrets shared herein) when making your DJ selection and the DJ you choose will be the right one. moon rocks weed

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