Choosing the Right Underfloor Heating Pipe

Underfloor heating pipe works at the heart of every water based underfloor heating system connecting up and circulating hot water throughout the whole installation. To do so it needs to be corrosion resistant, flexible for different project requirements and have exceptional durability levels to handle increased pumped water pressure.

Choosing the right underfloor heating pipe will help ensure a successful installation and a quality finish to the project. With a wide range of options, widths and lengths there’s something to suit every UFH system, from traditional screed to retrofit systems.

To calculate the amount of UFH pipe needed for an area start by measuring the room’s length and width in metres. This will give you the area in square meters which will then need to be divided by the system’s heat output per m2 (depending on the type of UFH).

The next stage is calculating the number of pipework loops required by working out the total m2 of the area and subtracting obstacles such as fixed furniture and cabinetry. Once the number of loops has been calculated then divide by the pipe centres per system, usually 200mm centres for boiler based systems and sometimes 150mm centres for heat pump based systems.

LESSO’s underfloor heating pipes are PE-RT which means ‘Polyethylene at raised temperature resistance’, it’s specifically designed for underfloor heating, it has high thermal conductivity and has good mechanical strength. It also has great chemical and frost resistance, is completely recyclable and is very easy to work with. Underfloor heating pipe

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