Clarity of Diamonds

When you go out for the shopping of loose diamonds one thing which you must keep notice of is the diamond clarity. Clarity of diamond is one the 4C’s which help to evaluate the value of loose diamonds.

Diamond clarity means that how much clear it is from inside. It is very seldom to find any big loose diamond which is totally clear from inside. Because it is rare, so the price of diamond which has more clarity is higher.
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It is a fact that only about 20 percent of the loose diamonds satisfies the minimum level of clarity to be used as jewelry, rest of 80 percent are used in industries. So from here you can imagine diamond clarity is a very unique factor. If you have a loose diamond whose clarity is very high it is very precious and rare thing.

Diamonds clarity depends on two factors:

1. Blemishes
2. Inclusions

Blemish is the thing which is on the outside of loose diamonds and inclusion is the thing which is inside the diamond.
It takes billons of years to form a diamond. This process is not very quick. With the passage of time, sometimes some external things also come inside the diamond during its formation period. This thing is called inclusion, which is found inside the loose diamond, reducing diamond clarity.

Diamond clarity can be affected by tiny carbon particles that can form small black spots inside the diamond making it look spotty. Some spots are too tiny to be seen from naked eye but some are quite big enough to be seen without any equipment.

One of the most common clarity reducing factors is “pinpoint”. Pinpoints form white spots on the surface of the diamond. “Feather” is another phenomenon which reduces diamond clarity. In feather case, diamond looks like as it is having internal cracks.

Blemish is mainly caused by the cutting of diamond. During cutting sometimes some miss cut can cause it. It can be removed easily by jeweler or cutter. So it dose not have any such importance in determining the diamond clarity.

Diamond clarity defects can easily be removed by using different techniques. These techniques involve usage of lasers and paint. Some loose diamonds which have impurity inside them are drilled in such a way that the hole is made up to the impurity and then it is filled with the molten glass. These techniques reduce the value of diamond immensely, but still they are good enough to make diamond look much better. The strength of diamond also reduces by such treatments. So when you go to buy loose diamonds, avoid buying such treated diamonds. When certification of diamond is done by any institute, it is mentioned that it is treated to enhance its natural clarity. diamond painting

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