Cold Russian Summer Soup

Cold Russian summer soup (okroshka) is a refreshing and filling summer dish. It is a mix of mostly raw vegetables, like cucumbers and radishes, boiled potatoes and eggs and some type of cooked meat, typically ham or sausages. It’s brought together in a broth of kvass, which is a non-alcoholic (1.5% or less) beverage made of fermented black or rye bread, but in later variations that first appeared during Soviet times, it’s often replaced with a light or diluted version of the same dish, based on whey, kefir, ayran, mineral water or some combination thereof.

This soup is easy to prepare, and the ingredients are all readily available. The only cooking required is the preparation of some of the ingredients, mainly the boiled potatoes and the eggs. Once assembled, okroshka is very easy to serve, and it keeps well for several days in the fridge. It is also a great recipe to make ahead, since the wet and dry ingredients can be kept separate and refrigerated until just before it’s served.

The okroshka dish is very similar to the traditional peasant dish called sorrel broth, which is prepared in the same way, but uses pre-boiled potatoes and some form of smoked meat instead. It’s a good alternative to kvass and is a popular food choice among peasants during the summer.

A surprisingly tasty and nutritious meal, this is a soup that’s perfect for a warm and sunny day. It’s full of energy from all the veggies and protein from the eggs and ham or sausages. The sour cream makes it feel more substantial and gives it an overall creamy texture that’s very satisfying. It also has a refreshing taste, thanks to the kvass and the radish juice, and it can be as light or hearty as you want it.

I love the idea of this soup and can’t wait to try it! This is a really unique soup that I don’t think many people have tried before. I think it’s a must-try for anyone who loves summer soups and wants something different from a gazpacho or a regular salad. It’s so much better than either of those, because it has a lot more flavor and texture. The sour cream and the smokiness of the ham or sausage add some depth and character that the other recipes don’t have. Plus, it’s much easier to make than any of them! So give it a shot! You won’t regret it. This is a recipe I’ll be making a lot this summer. Okruschka

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