Custom Grip Socks For Football Players

Grip socks are a must for all football players, especially professional ones. They prevent slipping and friction that can seriously hurt a player’s performance. They also absorb sweat to keep feet dry and comfortable. They have rubber paneling that is healthy for your foot and thick soles that hug the feet nicely. These socks are also very comfortable to wear and can be worn for long periods of time. They are designed to be durable and easy to wash.

They have been tested to be as effective as regular socks, although industry response to scientific knowledge that female feet require different sports shoes has lagged behind (Althoff & Hennig, 2014; Kulessa et al, 2017). This could mean that grip socks may have an increased effect on the in-shoe coefficient of friction in female athletes.

We use a heavier thread in our grip socks to give them a premium feel and can incorporate a detailed custom design into the main body. This can help your brand to stand out on the pitch and in the shops! We also offer a lightweight option for those who want a cheaper price tag while maintaining the performance features of the grip sock. We can also add our non-slip bottom to any sock of your choice! This allows you to make market-leading yoga socks that will support millions of people worldwide in their practice and align your brand with a movement built on wellness. custom grip socks

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