Diamond Painting Pictures – How to Get Started

Diamond painting is a relaxing and meditative craft that involves applying tiny resin rhinestones one-by-one to an adhesive color-coded canvas. The results are vivid and shimmering works of art that can be framed and hung on a wall or displayed as a coffee table centerpiece. Many people describe the process of placing each diamond as soothing and calming, allowing them to enter a meditative state as they work. The repetitive nature of the craft also helps relieve stress and anxiety.

If you’re considering giving diamond painting a try, here are some tips to help you get started. First, it’s important to pick the right project for your skill level. While there are plenty of challenging designs available, starting with a simple design will give you a feel for the process and help you determine if you’re really ready to take on a more difficult piece. The experts at Craft-Ease recommend choosing a design with a mix of easy and hard sections so you can learn the ropes without getting frustrated.

Once you’ve chosen your design, lay out your materials on a flat surface and review the color-coded chart to identify which colors you’ll need. Then, carefully peel back the plastic covering in small sections so you don’t expose the adhesive to too much dust that could cause it to lose stickiness.

Then, if necessary, use the tweezers included in your kit to remove any stuck-on diamonds and start again. It’s also a good idea to apply a clear sealant to your completed work to protect it from dust and water damage. This will also make it more pliable so you can fold your painting in half and place it in a three-ring binder or plastic sleeve for storage.

Some artists prefer to work row by row while others like to divide their canvas into ‘plots’ and tackle large areas of one color at a time. If you choose to divide your canvas, it’s helpful to label each ‘plot’ with a marker so you know which color you’ll be working on next. If you find yourself in a block of one color, it’s also a good idea to flip your pen upside down so that you can work on the wide head instead of the narrow one.

Round diamonds are generally easier to apply than square ones, so you might find that your progress is a little faster if you opt for this shape. However, some people find it harder to see gaps between round diamonds, so be sure to check your work from afar before you call it quits.

Once your masterpiece is complete, hang it on a wall or wrap it in a gift for a friend. You can even use it to cover a notebook or scrapbook. Some artists even like to apply a coat of clear varnish to their work so it has a glossy finish that mimics glass. Just be careful not to apply too much as this can dull the color and smear your work. diamond painting bilder

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