Different Types of Highlights

Highlights add a little sunshine to your hair without the commitment of an all over color. They brighten up your current hue and create contrast and dimension – but not all highlights are created equal!

When determining what type of highlights will suit you, consider your skin tone and how you wear your hair. It’s a good rule of thumb for warmer skin tones to go for cooler highlights and vice versa. Cool highlights tend to be silver, ash, sand, champagne, or mocha while warm ones are more golden caramel, amber, honey, butterscotch, strawberry, copper or russet.

Full Highlights
Full highlights are created by lightening a wide section of your hair, resulting in a dramatic and sun-kissed look. They are also great for covering up gray regrowth. This technique can be done with traditional highlights or balayage.

Partial Highlights
Partial highlights are a bit more subtle than full highlights as they focus on specific areas of your hair. They can be used to frame your face or simply add some dimension to your hair. This is often recommended for clients with a stacked bob or pixie cut because it can give them some extra flare.

Babylights are very fine, delicately woven highlights that are a few shades lighter than your base color. They have a soft, sun-kissed look and are often recommended for darker hair because they tend to blend in better. This style is usually a more gradual transition than a balayage or ombre color because your stylist will work strand by strand. Highlights

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