Dry Needling canton – What is Dry Needling canton?

Dry needling canton is an advanced technique used by licensed physical therapists to help treat muscle pain. This treatment involves a thin filiform needle that is used to stimulate myofascial trigger points in the muscles and connective tissues. These trigger points can disrupt your muscle function, restrict movement, and cause local tenderness and referred pain.

This procedure can be performed in your home or a treatment room depending on the size of the area being treated. You will lie on a table and your physical therapist will place the needle in the desired muscle or region. Some areas may feel sore immediately when the needle is placed, but you should not experience a lot of pain during the treatment. Once the needle is inserted, it will generate an involuntary twitch response in the muscle, which confirms that the muscle is being targeted.

The twitch response also helps to release or deactivate the trigger point, which can then decrease tightness and improve muscle function and movement. Unlike acupuncture, which is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, dry needling focuses on Western medical and research-based techniques.

During the treatment, patients might experience soreness and/or slight bruising as a result of the needle penetration. However, these symptoms should not last long and will fade soon after the treatment is complete. If you are interested in trying this new treatment, contact your physical therapist today at an HDPT location near you to schedule an evaluation. dry needling canton

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