Energy Efficient Heat Pump Dehydrator

The energy efficient heat pump dehydrator is a new kind of drying equipment that utilizes air as the source of heat. It is a low temperature drying machine with high efficiency, saving 30% of electricity and gas than other conventional dryers. It can be used for drying all kinds of foods, including meats, fishes, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The heat pump dehydrator consists of an evaporator and a condenser. The evaporator absorbs the liquid from the condenser and transfers it to a refrigerant, then the refrigerant tranports the heat to the air in the drying chamber. The hot air then circulates in a circular way, taking off the moisture in the food. The resulting dried food is very delicious, even and crisp.

High-quality dried foods require special care during the drying process. Unlike fresh products, dried foods are exposed to high temperatures for long periods of time, which can lead to loss of quality. The quality of dried foods is also influenced by the physical and chemical properties of the food, such as color, aroma, texture, and nutrients.

Conventionally, dried food is produced in the field (sun drying), or in industrial dryers such as electric, gas-fired and tunnel drying machines. However, successful outdoor drying depends on good weather and can damage the nutrient content. In addition, conventional dryers use large amounts of energy, which leads to high production costs and environmental degradation.

In recent years, there has been much interest in developing novel energy saving drying techniques to reduce the cost of dried foods and reduce the environmental impact of dry-ing processes. Several research works have shown that the quality of dried products can be improved by using a heat pump dryer (HPD) to recover latent and sensible heat from the surrounding air. heat pump dehydrator

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