German Courses London

With more than 100 million speakers, German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It’s also the most widely taught language at schools and is a major business language.

Our German courses London are designed to help you reach your language goals. Whether you need conversational German for work or want to study at a university in Germany, our team can recommend the perfect tutor and course for you.

Private tutors can focus on your individual needs and tailor their lessons to your requirements. They usually charge more than a language school or university, but they can be very effective at helping you master difficult aspects of the German language, such as German grammar and vocabulary. They can also give you a lot of confidence in speaking.

Group classes are ideal for students looking to improve their German with the support of a teacher and a group of classmates. They typically meet in the evenings and are aimed at adults who can’t take lessons during the day, such as office workers. They are also an excellent way to prepare for a language exam, such as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages exams (CEFL).

Intensive German lessons are a good choice if you want to learn the language quickly. These lessons, which take place over a short period of time, are taught by qualified native speakers and use a communicative approach to achieve fluency in the language. German courses London

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