Health and Safety Awareness Course

Whether working in construction, retail, or any other industry, workers face health and safety hazards on a daily basis. Each year hundreds of people die from workplace related accidents and many more are injured and suffer from illnesses aggravated by their work. Prioritising the health and safety of your employees is not only a legal requirement for company owners, it also helps ensure the happiness and productivity of staff which in turn reduces employee turnover.

Unfortunately, the term ‘health and safety gone mad’ is thrown around quite often in discussions about workplace regulations. From banning flip flops in the office to outlawing running on school grounds, rules deemed to be excessive and overzealous can lead to people questioning the effectiveness of their employers’ safety policies.

The health and safety awareness course is designed to help staff understand why their employer’s health and safety policies are so important. It highlights employees and their employers’ responsibilities and raises awareness of the kinds of risks and hazards that may be present in various working environments and how to control these through risk assessments, work instructions and the use of PPE.

The online course also explains how to identify and report hazards in the workplace. It looks at fire safety, including the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the role of the responsible person, and discusses the importance of recording and maintaining a fire emergency plan. It also covers COSHH, RIDDOR and manual handling. health and safety awareness course

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