How Custom DTG Printing Works

Custom dtg printing is the new technology that can produce high-definition designs for tees, hoodies and other apparel. It’s a great option for graphic tees that display complex images, and it can also be used for business promotional items. The process is more expensive than traditional screen-printed garments, but it produces superior quality and will stand the test of time.

DTG digital printing is the latest development in textile printing and offers several advantages over other technologies such as sublimation and screen printing. It is fast, convenient and provides excellent print quality. It is ideal for small businesses and artists who need to order shirts or hoodies in large quantities.

In the DTG digital printing process, a special kind of printer uses water-based ink to apply your design or logo directly to the garment. The fabric fibers absorb the ink, creating a vivid, high-definition print. In addition, DTG digital printing is environmentally friendly. It uses water-based textile inks that work well with natural fabric fibers, such as cotton, and does not require a curing process.

The first step in the DTG digital printing process is to create your design. This can be done with graphic design software, such as Photoshop. Your design must be saved in a format that preserves background transparencies, such as PNG or TFF, to ensure that it prints correctly against the fabric colors. The DTG printer will use the CMYK color model to recreate your digital art file on the fabric.

Once the digital art file is prepared, it’s time to start printing. The DTG printer will use specialized water-based inks to print your design onto the t-shirt or hoodie. It will also print a white base layer, if necessary, for dark garments. The white ink will help to bring out the CMYK colors and provide a crisp, vibrant image. Then, the print will be cured, either by heat or conveyor dryer.

If your DTG printing service requires it, the garment will need to be pretreated before printing. This is an important step that helps the inks bond with the cotton fibers and prevents the print from fading. The garment will also need to be cured after printing, so the inks can set properly. The final product is a high-quality garment with a unique, personalized image that will last the lifetime of the garment.

The DTG printing process is a fast and convenient way to make customized garments for your company, school, or team. The quality is comparable to screen printing, but without the expensive setup costs and minimum order requirements. It’s a great choice for small businesses that want to sell unique and customized clothing to customers. In fact, it’s so convenient that many businesses are switching to this method of printing to save time and money on their apparel orders. The best part is that you can use this technology for a variety of fabrics, including hoodies and sweatpants, but it works particularly well on 100% cotton, ringspun garments. custom dtg printing

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