How Technology Can Support Connecticut Businesses

Nothing seems to go out of fashion faster than technology. From televisions to computer hardware, gadgets deteriorate and eventually need to be replaced by newer models. In the case of Connecticut businesses, outdated IT hardware can clutter up storerooms as monitors and workstations are swapped out for more modern gear.

As cybercriminals become more aggressive, cybersecurity is a growing concern for Connecticut business leaders. And with the lack of cybersecurity professionals, companies are struggling to fortify their networks. As a result, Connecticut companies are looking for new strategies to boost their IT infrastructure.

The state has begun a year-long process to consolidate its IT operations and create a single centralized agency. The state argues the move will allow it to better utilize more modern IT, improve cybersecurity and increase efficiency. It will also help the agency to better meet citizen demands for digital government solutions and provide a more consistent experience for residents. In addition, the state expects the consolidation to reduce costs because it will eliminate redundant technology and enable agencies to share IT services.

While Connecticut is one of the most technologically advanced states, many residents struggle with internet access and digital literacy. A draft of the state’s digital equity plan outlines gaps in internet access and literacy by race and income, and aims to close those gaps with long-term fixes and awareness campaigns. The plan includes efforts to provide affordable computers and internet service in low-income areas, as well as to train people to serve as digital navigators. it support connecticut

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