How to Find the Best Moving Companies

A moving company, also known as a van line or a freight forwarder, helps people

relocate to a new home. These companies can help with the entire umzugsvergilch

process or provide a more limited set of services, like packing and crating. They can

also transport cars and other large items, and offer storage services. Many of these

companies operate nationwide and use a system of franchises or affiliates to serve

local markets.

Finding the right moving company depends on your needs and budget. If you want

the full moving experience, a company that provides all-inclusive services is best.

But if you need to save money on the move, a partial-service moving company is

more affordable. You can also choose from add-ons, like storage, vehicle relocation,

valuation services and specialty packing.

Before hiring a moving company, look for one with an excellent track record and a

clean background. Check the company’s website to find out if it is licensed by your

state’s Department of Transportation and has been rated by a consumer protection

agency. Also, ask the company to send someone out to your house for a detailed

estimate rather than quoting a price over the phone. A more accurate quote will help

you avoid surprise charges on the day of your move.

If you’re moving to a different city, check out the moving company’s track record in

your destination area. Look for a history of satisfied customers, a clean record with

the Better Business Bureau and a low number of official complaints. Also, make sure

that the company you choose is a member of a professional association, such as the

American Moving and Storage Association.

In NYC, the best moving companies will know all the city’s rules and regulations, as

well as its idiosyncrasies. For example, movers who specialize in long-distance

moves will have experience navigating the subway system and getting around the

city. They can also recommend neighborhood guides to help you get settled in your

new home.

Another consideration is whether a moving company offers weekend hours, which

can be helpful if you need to get moved during the weekends. Some moving

companies offer this service, while others charge extra for it.

A good moving company should have a streamlined claims process. You should be

able to file a claim quickly and easily through the company’s website, or by calling a

dedicated claims line. The most reputable companies will also offer a variety of

payment options and flexible terms, such as binding estimates, discounts, price-

matching policies and credit card payments. Some companies even allow you to pay

upfront with cash. This flexibility can reduce stress on both you and your movers

during the relocation process.

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