How to Get Live Stream Viewers on YouTube

YouTube Live is one of the most effective video marketing tools for brands. On average, people watch livestreams 10 to 20 times longer than on-demand videos, meaning that you have more time to engage and convert your audience.

If you want to grow your audience and drive traffic to your YouTube channel, you need to get creative with your strategy. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get live stream viewers on youtube by focusing on a few key tactics.

Start by optimizing your title and description. These elements are crucial for determining whether people click play or turn away. Your title should include important keywords that help your video rank higher in search results, while your description should explain what your video is about and provide a link to learn more. Also, be sure to design a custom thumbnail that grabs attention and conveys what your video is about.

Promote your livestream on social media and send out email blasts to your existing audience. If you have a large following on other platforms, consider multistreaming your livestream to these channels as well to boost viewership and engagement.

Use a countdown or send out reminders to increase the urgency of your live stream and encourage viewers to join. You can also reward your audience by giving out exclusive content or merch during your stream to keep them interested and engaged.

Choose a good time to go live. Try to pick a time when most of your audience will be online so that they can participate in the discussion and feel like they’re part of your community.

Consider collaborating with influencers and experts to add credibility and reach to your livestream. Invite industry experts to your livestream and ask them to promote it on their channels, newsletters, podcasts, or any other platform they have a following on. This will attract new and different audiences that might not have heard of your brand before.

Don’t forget about your audio quality. Invest in a high-quality microphone to make your voice clear and listenable. Additionally, using an encoder with adaptive bitrate streaming allows you to first upload your video and then transcode it into multiple renditions at various quality levels, so that your audience can enjoy the highest quality video stream possible, based on their internet connection speeds.

Organize your saved videos into playlists to help your audience consume related live streams on a continuous loop and stay engaged with your channel. You can even add calls to action (CTAs) to your videos and redirect viewers to your website, landing page, or other resources.

Getting more livestream viewers on youtube is not an impossible task, as long as you follow the above tips to optimize your video marketing efforts and create engaging livestreams that keep your audience coming back for more. By promoting your content, optimizing your title and description, adding call to actions, using an attractive thumbnail, and more, you can see your live stream viewership rise in no time!

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