How to Hire a Celebrity Bodyguard

Celebrities are often willing to spend big bucks to ensure their privacy and safety, hiring bodyguards who are a mix of brute strength and sharp intellect. They have a specialized skill set that they hone through rigorous training and real-life experiences. They can spot threats in a crowded room, assess risks on the fly, and make split-second decisions that could save lives. They also manage crowd control and maintain privacy, a task that is incredibly complex and requires immense mental fortitude.

The first step for any professional celebrity protection agency is obtaining thorough information on the wishes of the principal from the principal’s personal assistant or management. This helps determine the optimal approach to protect the celebrity. Besides familiarizing themselves with the celebrity’s residence, hotel and venues, advance preparations include planning escape routes in case of an emergency. In addition, the security team will check all means (e.g., cars, technical equipment and firearms) to be used for the specific environment in question.

As a result, celebrity protectors must work within tight constraints and often have a limited scope of operation. They should not get too close to the principal, and they must be careful not to touch anyone unless it is necessary for their own security or to safeguard the celebrity’s possessions. In the end, the protector’s behavior and demeanor reflect on the celebrity they are protecting. If the celebrity’s security is compromised, it can result in lawsuits. Billie Jean enterprises

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