How to Overcome the Fear of Change

Change is a constant in our lives, and most people experience some level of fear when making changes or venturing out of their comfort zone. However, when a person has a fear of change to the point of paralysis and an inability to function in life, they may need help overcoming this fear and learning how to cope with it. This article will discuss some of the most common reasons people struggle with this phobia and offer some advice about how to overcome it.

A fear of change is a form of anxiety and often leads to feelings of insecurity or powerlessness. This phobia can keep you from taking chances that could potentially bring you happiness and success. It can also cause you to rely on old patterns of behavior that are no longer working in your favor. This can result in your relationship with yourself and others suffering as well.

The most important thing to remember when you feel anxious about change is that the fear will pass. Once you start to experience the positive aspects of your new change, your anxiety will subside. This is because our brains are wired to like being in control and knowing what is going on. But the reality is that we cannot always know what the future will hold, so it is best to try to focus on the present moment and learn from your experiences.

You may also find relief from your fear by talking to a therapist. A therapist can help you to understand the root of your fears and teach you how to cope with them in a healthy way. They can help you to identify what triggers your anxiety and then work with you to develop healthy coping mechanisms that you can use when you are feeling overwhelmed by change.

It is also helpful to write down what you are afraid of in the context of a particular change that you are considering. This will give you a better idea of what you are really worried about and can lead to research on how to mitigate these negative outcomes. It is also a good idea to write down the positive aspects of your potential change so you can refer back to it when the anxiety sets in.

Lastly, a great way to work through your fear of change is to reward yourself when you make a positive progress toward the change. This can be anything from a small treat to buying a new item that helps to show your mind that you are moving toward the positive side of change and not away from it. It is also important to remind yourself that every change is a step closer to a new normal.

If you are struggling with a fear of change, or metathesiophobia, you can get help from an experienced therapist. Start by speaking with your primary care physician, who should be able to provide references for a trusted mental health professional. You can also begin your search for a therapist online at an online mental health directory like Choosing Therapy where you can filter by your preferences and specific needs to find the right fit. how to overcome fear of change

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