How to Turn Off an iPhone 12

How to Turn Off an iPhone 12

There may be times when you need to turn your iPhone 12 off or restart it. Maybe an app is crashing, your device keeps shutting off without warning, or you just want to save battery life.

The good news is that most common issues can be fixed with just a few clicks. Read on to learn how to turn your iPhone 12 on and off, force a restart, enter DFU mode, enter recovery mode, activate Emergency SOS, or temporarily disable Face ID.

How to turn on

If your iPhone 12 is stuck on a black screen, it may be due to a number of different issues. The most common one is a battery problem, but there are also software glitches and hardware problems that can stop it from turning on.

The first thing you should do is make sure that your iPhone 12 is plugged into a power outlet and has a charge. If it isn’t, then you will need to plug it in and let it charge for about an hour before trying to turn it on again.

How to turn off

Turning off your iPhone 12 is a little bit different than turning it on. You’ll have to press a button, and if you’re unfamiliar with how your iPhone works, you might have some trouble getting it to do what you want.

To turn off an iPhone X, 11, or 12, press the Side button and either the Volume Up or Down buttons simultaneously. This should bring up the power menu on your phone and will show a slide to turn off option at the top of the screen.

If you have an older iPhone model, or if your newer iPhone doesn’t have hardware buttons, you can also shut down the phone through a software switch that’s built into the iOS operating system. This can be particularly useful if you need to restart the phone in case something goes wrong with the physical buttons, such as accidentally pressing them or a faulty battery that won’t charge.

How to reset

If you’ve tried every fix possible and the problem is still not resolved, you may want to consider resetting your iPhone 12. This is often the most effective way to get rid of stubborn bugs that have built up over time.

There are a few ways to reset your iPhone 12, including a soft reset, a hard reset and a factory reset. These all work by erasing the data on your phone and resetting it to its original factory settings.

A soft reset is the most common way to fix problems, such as your device getting stuck on an app or acting weirdly. A soft reset is also a good option if you’re selling your iPhone 12 and want to delete any personal information or preferences you have stored on it.

To perform a soft reset, press and hold the Volume Up button and the Volume Down button until you see the Apple logo on your screen. This process may take a few seconds to complete, but it’s the best method for resolving issues.

If your iPhone is frozen, you can also try force restarting it. This is a simple process that doesn’t wipe any data, but it does force your iPhone to restart.

However, this method won’t work on older devices that don’t have a volume up and down button, such as the iPhone 8. Instead, you will need to use the side button on your device to perform a hard reset.

How to fix

If your iPhone 12 is stuck on the Apple logo, you need to find a way to fix it. Thankfully, there are many ways to get it working again without having to take your device to a professional.

To get started, try a quick restart on the phone to clear any deeper software errors. This will allow the device to start working again, although you should back up your data first.

You can also use a program like Mobitrix Perfix to reset the device and restore it to factory defaults. This method has a high success rate and does not damage your device.

Using this tool will help to restore your iOS device and get it running properly. It will also clear your device’s cache memory and enhance its performance.

Before starting the process, make sure that you have your computer and your iPhone 12 on hand. Then, follow the instructions below to perform the steps and get your device working again.

First, restart your phone by holding down both Volume and Side buttons at the same time until the power off slider appears. Move it to the right for 30 seconds, and then hold down the Side button until the Apple logo shows up.

Next, connect your iPhone 12 to a USB port with your cable and a wall charger. Then, let it charge for at least an hour.

If that doesn’t work, try restarting your phone a second time with the screen on. If that doesn’t work, you might have to replace the front assembly.

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