How to Turn Voicemail Off on iPhone 6

How to Turn Voicemail Off on iPhone 6

Voicemail remains one of the most beloved features on smartphones, yet has recently seen declining interest. Even large corporations such as Coca Cola are offering workers the choice to forgoing this service.

Newly discovered Siri leakage rates may give iPhone owners another reason to turn off this feature on their lock screen.

1. Go to Settings

Israeli security researcher Dany Lisiansky recently discovered a flaw in Apple’s voice assistant Siri that allows people to bypass your passcode or fingerprint reader and gain access to your iPhone’s call history, contacts and voicemail. To prevent this issue from arising, turn off Siri on the lockscreen by switching it off in Settings – this option also helps restore network settings back to original factory settings – though this method will erase all content and applications on your phone – press and hold Sleep/Wake + Home simultaneously until Apple logo appears and press/Wake + Home simultaneously until Apple logo appears and hold Sleep/Wake + Home button simultaneously until Apple logo appears and makes its way in to your iPhone’s call history & contacts and voicemail / voicemail!

2. Tap Phone

Apple watchers have long cautioned that Siri’s loose lips could divulge sensitive data from a locked iPhone. A recent bug discovered by Israeli security researcher Dany Lisiansky adds another reason for you to switch Siri off on the lock screen of your phone. The bug allows anyone who knows your passcode or fingerprint reader to bypass your iPhone’s lock screen, access your calling app and contacts list, then call you directly into voicemail. Luckily, an easy gesture prevents this bug from functioning; simply tap the Phone icon when receiving such calls that go straight into voicemail so callers can leave messages or your iPhone will automatically decline by silently ringing silently before sending straight into voicemail – giving callers another chance at leaving messages or sending straight into voicemail without you knowing.

3. Tap Turn Off

Many iPhone users have reported problems with calls not ringing and being routed directly to voicemail despite having strong signal reception. While some have blamed Siri, others report this happens even without it enabled – the solution? Simply disable Siri via the lockscreen of your phone.

Israeli security researcher Dany Lisiansky discovered yet another flaw in iOS 7 lockscreen that allows anyone to bypass passcode or fingerprint sensor authentication and gain access to an iPhone’s calling application, contacts and voicemail services without using their passcode or fingerprint sensor – offering yet another compelling argument against keeping Siri enabled on an iPhone’s lockscreen. This latest bug should provide compelling cause to disable it completely on an iPhone lockscreen.

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