Introducing OmniVoid’s New XR Collaboration App

XR (Extended Reality) technologies have been growing rapidly in popularity. Some estimates suggest that the market will double by 2026. Big tech players are taking notice. Facebook-owned Oculus is investing billions in VR and Google and T-Mobile are continuing to invest in XR infrastructure, including their 5G network carrier aggregation innovation that optimizes various traffic channels into one data “super highway” to accelerate network speed and performance.

Several recent studies have highlighted the potential of XR, or extended reality, to transform businesses and industries. A study published by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, for example, found that XR has the potential to increase productivity in sectors such as healthcare, education, and manufacturing. Other studies have also pointed to a number of practical applications for XR, from immersive training for industrial workers to virtual tourism and remote collaboration tools.

As a software development company, OmniVoid is on the forefront of cutting-edge AI and XR technology. Founded by Ivy-league engineers and innovators from top institutions such as MIT, Harvard, and Stanford, OmniVoid is committed to bringing its clients the best of what XR has to offer.

One of those new XR tools is Omniverse Create XR, an app that enables engineers, designers, and creators to experience, navigate, review, and approve high-fidelity, ray-traced 3D scenes at human scale. It also provides a means for teams to bring their content into AR by casting directly onto ARCore-enabled mobile devices.

Powered by NVIDIA RTX, Omniverse Create XR delivers photorealistic results including soft shadows, limitless lights, and more. With NVIDIA RTX, it takes just seconds to render and stream the highest-fidelity models, so you can collaborate on projects from anywhere.

The app runs on both iOS and Android systems, with support for multiple VR headsets as well as streaming to ARCore tablets via the Omniverse Streaming Client. It’s available now for free on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

As with all new technologies, the road to mainstream XR adoption isn’t without its challenges. For instance, a significant amount of work remains to be done in terms of ergonomic design for immersive experiences. Wearing a headset cuts you off from the world and isn’t something most people will want to do all day long. Additionally, the era of affordable and sustainable XR is still a ways off, as headset prices continue to increase. Despite these hurdles, it’s clear that XR has the potential to revolutionize business and industry as we know it. And as more and more companies begin to realize that, they’ll be looking to XR solutions such as Omniverse Create XR to help them get there. omnivoid xr

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