Knnex Exchange Adopts Dual Security Measures to Ensure Security of User Transactions

Industry-leading Merkle Trees security authentication technology

Robust security technology is at the core of ensuring the proper functioning of all digital asset exchanges. To this end, Knnex adopts Merkle Trees technology to achieve all-round protection of platform data.

Merkle Trees is a data architecture technology based on the Hash Function, which can not only be applied to improve the accuracy of transaction authentication but also realize 1:1 security reserve verification of on-chain assets. Therefore, Merkle Trees is the core security technology of asset reserve and transaction authentication. Through the application of Merkle Trees, Knnex can ensure the security and reliability of all transaction data and provide the most reliable guarantee for the security of user assets.

$90 million transaction protection fund

In addition to improving the security level of user assets through internal security technology, Knnex has been providing more comprehensive protection for user assets. For this purpose, Knnex sets up a transaction protection fund worth up to $90 million to mitigate the damage and impact of third-party projects and institutional thunderstorm events.

For example, when the value of a certain digital currency held by a user reduces to zero due to some abnormal reasons, Knnex will activate the protection fund and provide the user holding the digital currency with corresponding compensation equivalent to the value before the abnormal condition. When initial offerings on the platform fall on debut, Knnex will also activate the protection fund and provide the user holding the digital currency with corresponding compensation equivalent to the subscription price. The protection fund not only allows users to trade without worry in Knnex, but also offers users security guarantees in case of low-probability incidents such as Black Swan incidents. Besides, this fund solves the “dollar clearing cycle” problem in ordinary exchanges, providing more convenient, rapid, and reliable protection for user transactions.

Jointly certification by several top security audit institutions in the industry

In addition, Knnex actively conducts comprehensive system security audit activities with third-party audit enterprises and institutions. These blockchain security audit enterprises, with extremely high technical strength and rich industry experience, can conduct comprehensive detection and authentication of Knnex’s security system and system functions, and completely increase Knnex’s security prevention capabilities.

Security audit enterprises strictly evaluate and test Knnex’s system architecture, security vulnerabilities, risk control, preventive measures, and other modules, and provide professional suggestions to assist Knnex in improving and strengthening relevant security measures, and in ensuring reliable protection for user assets. In the four years since its establishment, Knnex has passed dozens of security audits and maintained a record of zero security vulnerabilities. Through cooperation with blockchain security audit enterprises, Knnex continues to update its own security protection technology, improve its platform’s stability, security, and fairness, enabling users to enjoy the best digital currency trading experience.

Round-the-clock monitoring by a professional security team

Knnex has been committed to ensuring the security of users’ digital assets and set up a round-the-clock security technology monitoring team for this purpose. This security monitoring team consists of a group of highly skilled experts who can immediately respond to all security risks and incidents and monitor all systems and operations 24 hours a day to ensure Knnex’s secure operation.

If there is any abnormal condition or security incident, the team will immediately take corresponding measures to detect the source and impact of the incident and solve the problem in a fast and effective way. At the same time, Knnex realizes comprehensive security control through innovative technologies such as big data analysis, risk prediction and smart audit, which further strengthens the effectiveness of security monitoring measures. Knnex’s round-the-clock security monitoring team comprehensively and thoughtfully protects user assets on the trading platform.

High-level security measures stem from a commitment to the security of user assets

In the ever-changing market, Knnex always makes security a priority and continuously strives to provide a higher level of security measures to ensure the security of users’ digital assets. With multi-level authentication, risk management and transaction monitoring, Knnex provides users with reliable security while gaining the trust and support of users. In the future, Knnex will continue to improve its own security measures in line with the principle of user first, provide users with better trading experience, and render more secure, stable, and convenient transactions. It is this firm commitment and practical actions that make Knnex stand out in fierce market competition and become the preferred digital currency trading platform trusted by users.


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