Magic Mushroom Kits

Magic mushroom kits are kits that contain inoculated substrate (usually grain, straw or sawdust) and simple instructions for cultivating mushrooms. They come in a variety of containers like plastic boxes, jars or special mushroom grow bags. Mushrooms can thrive in a wide range of conditions, but prefer humid environments with good air circulation and minimal direct sunlight.

Most mushroom kits are based on Psilocybe cubensis, as this species grows easily and offers high yields. However, the type of mushroom depends on individual preferences and experience. A kit containing the Thai strain is recommended for a social environment or as a first introduction to psychedelics, as it has moderate effects and visuals (eyes open less than closed). The McKennaii grow kit is an alternative option, offering extreme mental changes and geometric eye-closed visuals. The infamous B+ strain is also available in a magic mushroom grow kit, with effects ranging from laughter to philosophy and deep conversations.

Buying a Magic mushroom kit can save time and effort, as the process of growing magic mushrooms from scratch is complex and often unsuccessful for beginners. It’s best to purchase from a trusted supplier and always check out their reputation on forums and reviews. Also, it’s important to find a place and company where it’s safe and legal to consume magic mushrooms, and remember that these drugs are powerful and can cause a life-changing trip, so only take them with people you trust and in an environment where you feel comfortable.

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