Matter Residences – A New Launch at Mattar Road, Canossa, NSW

The Matter Residences is a new launch at Mattar Road, just off Aljunied Road and close by Canossa Convent Primary School and MacPherson Road. This new condominium comprises 250 residential units.

At CES 2024, a wide range of manufacturers — including the likes of Philips Hue, Eve, Ecovacs and Aqara — announced plans to bring their products to Matter via over-the-air firmware updates. And because Matter devices speak the same language, you should be able to switch between smart home platforms at will.

The first Matter products to hit the market are smart plugs, lights and locks – all of which can be controlled with the same app (instead of three different ones for each product type). In spring 2023, Amazon will update its Echo 4th-gen smart speaker to act as a Thread border router and expand Matter support to other device types including thermostats, blinds and sensors.

A Matter controller is a hub or bridge that connects to the home network over Wi-Fi or Ethernet and acts as the interface between your device and the home’s Matter network. The main function of a controller is to onboard the devices and manage communications, although it can also act as a display for the devices, provide remote access and control, and facilitate integration with other cloud-based services. Matter controllers are already built into many of the major smart home platforms’ flagship speakers and hubs including Apple’s HomePod Mini and HomePod, Apple TV 4K and the new Home Hub, Google Nest Wi-Fi and Nest Hub Max, and Samsung’s Family Hub appliances and SmartThings hubs. matter residences

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