Maximizing Room Ambience With Mini Lamp Shades

Having proper lighting for your home or workspace is a must that is oftentimes overlooked by people who are always on the go or pressed for time to tinker with home improvement details. However, making minor changes or adding little, well-thought-of details to your current lighting arrangements can make a huge difference to your mood, eyesight, electric bill and the overall aesthetic appeal of the spaces you move around in the most.

While a combination of natural light and bright, overhead lights is conducive for productivity in the workplace, a different ambience might be desired at home after long hours at work – low, dimmer, softer lamp lights are a prime example. Are you in need of a chic and unique update on your existing lamps? No need to burn a hole in your budget -Mini Lamp Shades might just be the answer for you especially if you have been looking for a trendy update to those old, dust-gathering lamp shades.

Mini Lamp can be used on most kinds of lamps -floor lamps, table lamps and even chandelier-type lamps or sconces. Cost-conscious consumers might be hesitant to opt for these smaller lamp shades if lined up with bigger ones that cost just about the same, but opting for these miniature alternatives can actually help save money because it diffuses more light while maintaining the softer, more relaxed mood that regular-sized and massive lamp shades give off. By adopting these smaller shades as an alternative, there would be no need to do a complete overhaul on the lamp stand and light bulb on hand. However, there are some things to be taken into consideration in order to get the perfect lighting with these Mini Lamp Shades -all of them easy and customizable to fit your needs!

· Size matters -but doesn’t have to be a limiting factor. Can you pair a large table lamp with a smaller shade? The answer would be yes. If you’re willing to make more modern updates on home improvement, your lamps need not be proportional all the time. Of course the size of the Mini Lamp of your choice should be scaled to fit around the light bulb to be used, but the stand doesn’t have to be scaled to fit as well as long as it doesn’t defeat the usability purpose of your lamp’s mini-makeover.

· Color. More than its aesthetic attribute, choosing the right color of your Mini Lamp Shade contributes to how bright or dim you want the room to be. For bedside lamps used for reading, off-white or beige colors are recommended. For lamps intended to give off a warm feel, don’t be afraid to use patterned lamps or more playful shades such as peach or burgundy.

· Location, location, location. It wouldn’t be a great idea to situate an ornate yet dark-shaded Mini Lamp Shade over a tall lamp stand in the middle of the hallway -map out where you’re placing your lamps first before going out to buy the first Mini Lamp Shade that you see. Appropriate soft-colored shades made of uneasily breakable material for children’s bedrooms if intended to be used as night-lights, moderately bright ones for the living room, and smaller, ornate lamp shades can even be used for pendant chandeliers!

More than just a trend, Mini Lamp Shades combine function with fashion with its minimalist charm that maximizes the space of your home and even boosts the desired ambience. Get creative and try this small makeover on your lamps that can make a huge difference in your home. Veilleuse enfant

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