Online English Tutoring

Online English tutoring involves teaching students of all ages how to speak, read, and write in the English language through an audio or video chat platform. Tutors may work with individual students, or be responsible for tutoring groups of two to six students. They also may teach specialized classes such as conversational English or business English. To work remotely, teachers need a reliable internet connection and a computer with a webcam.

Many of the largest online English tutoring companies require a bachelor’s degree, but there are plenty of other opportunities that do not. A TEFL certification is often required as well, and most major platforms provide this training. For example, iTalki, Preply, and BookNook all offer this kind of instruction. Some platforms specialize in specific types of students, such as ELL learners or children’s English. Others, like Skooli and Eigox, are open-marketplaces that connect teachers with a wide range of students seeking a class.

Tutoring online allows teachers to have a flexible schedule, which can be a big perk for many. However, it is important to stay motivated and focused when working at home. This is especially true when building your student base, as it can take time to get started.

It can also be challenging to manage distractions while working at home, so it is important to have a dedicated workspace and reliable equipment. Additionally, teachers should be familiar with English grammar and vocabulary, and be able to communicate clearly.

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