Sony PS5 Thermal Paste – Fixing a Problem With Liquid Metal

If you have a PS5, you might want to consider keeping it in a horizontal position from now on. The console has a problem that could cause it to fail completely if kept upright for long periods of time. According to hardware repair specialists, the problem appears to be related to a thermal interface material called liquid metal that Sony used on the console’s custom AMD Zen 2 processor.

Liquid Metal is a metal alloy that’s in liquid form at room temperature, making it better at conducting heat than conventional thermal paste. It’s placed between the CPU and the console’s heat sink to help route the excess heat from the processor. The problem is that, if the console stays upright for a while, the liquid can seep out and damage the console. Wololo reports that this has happened in multiple cases and can lead to short circuits.

The issue can be fixed by opening up the console and reapplying the liquid metal, but that’s an involved process. Luckily, Sony has been working to make liquid metal more durable for use in gaming systems. This year, they patented an insulating sheet that basically corrals the liquid metal and keeps it in place. Other manufacturers have also been using liquid metal in their systems, including Asus which is shipping its first laptop with it.

If you’re interested in trying some new thermal paste, you should check out this selection from a company called Thermal Grizzly. It’s a little pricey, but it performs well in our testing and is compatible with a wide range of coolers. It also comes in a tube that’s pretty big at 4g, so it’ll last a while.Ps5 Thermal Paste

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