Spill Socks – A Handy and Flexible Way to Clean Up Spills in the Workplace

Are you looking for a handy and flexible way to clean up spills. Read on for the perfect solution for taking care of small to medium sized spills.

When spills happen in your business, you’ll find that spill socks can help you clean the liquid up quickly and easily.

Why is it important to clean up spills quickly? It’s because spills can cause damage to your facility, including your equipment and any merchandise you may keep there. You may even have to replace or repair a range of items, which can include merchandise, tools used to conduct business, and yes, even the walls and the floor of your facility itself.

Another way in which absorbents such as spill socks can help you is by protecting your employees and yourself. Some liquids are harmful, particularly those likely to get spilled in an industrial setting, and contact with those dangerous liquids can result in injury.

Obviously, an injury can cost the company money in the way of medical costs, especially if the right tools were not put in place to properly work with the spill, and even raises the possibility of a lawsuit or fines. And then there’s the pain and suffering, so why not avoid all that.

Spill socks are a great way to absorb most spills. Here are the different types of absorbent socks you have to choose from:

1) Universal/General Purpose Absorbent Spill Socks

These are socks that are filled with super absorbent polypropylene so that water-based fluids, diesel, oil, coolants, gas, hydraulic fluids, vegetable oil, turpentine, cutting fluids, acetone, and so much more can be absorbed.

2) Oil Absorbent Socks

These are socks that are made just for oil based liquids. Because they are made to absorb oil, they also float on water. Water is repelled, while oil is absorbed. They are great for cleaning up oil that has spilled into water. In fact, they absorb all types of hydrocarbons.

3) Hazmat Spill Socks for Oil, Water, and Aggressive Fluids

Super absorbent polypropylene is made to soak up just about any liquid, including any harmful liquid. Although it is not harmful in most cases, water can be absorbed as well.

4) Corn Cob Universal Absorbent Socks for Oil & Water-Based Liquids

These are spill socks that are filled up with corn cob filler. The casing is polypropylene and is a universal absorbent. This means that virtually any liquid, safe and harmful, can be absorbed quickly.

You are protecting yourself and your business when you have those types of absorbent socks handy. They are able to take care of spills faster and more effectively than you would be able to by using paper towels or cloth towels. What you need in the event of a spill is absorbency, especially absorbency that works fast.

Furthermore, you also need something that does not require a person to come into direct contact with the spilled substance, especially if it is harmful.

Another important reason why you should take care of a spill quickly is that a business can be fined by the EPA. In fact, it can even be fined by OSHA if work conditions and conditions for customers and others walking into the business are not safe. Custom Fuzzy Socks

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