The Advantages of a Private Guided Holiday

Whether you are looking to spend time on your own or with loved ones, a private guided holiday is a great way to see the world. Private tours are customised to meet the needs of your group and can include a variety of activities, from walking tours to foodie experiences. The personal touch from a tour guide will mean that you can make the most of your trip without having to worry about planning it yourself.

A private tour can also be a great option if you have a specific interest in a destination. For example, if you are keen on wine tasting in Switzerland a tour guide with local knowledge will be able to recommend the best vineyards for your taste buds. A specialised tour guide can really add value to your trip, especially when you are visiting a region that is not particularly well known for its wines or foods.

Guided holidays are often associated with pensioners dawdling around overcrowded tourist attractions but the industry has moved on from the old coach bus trips. Flash Pack, for instance, offer holidays aimed at those in their thirties and forties while Saga has a wide range of small-group tours. These can be a great way to meet new people when travelling solo if you don’t want to do an all-inclusive family holiday. They can also be cheaper than a fully-private tour as you will not need a single room.

While private tours tend to be more expensive than a group tour, they will save you time in research and booking your trip. Many tour companies have online chats so that you can discuss your itinerary with an expert and get any questions answered. A pre-made itinerary will be provided for you to review and can then be adjusted based on your feedback.

Another advantage of a private tour is that you will know who your fellow travellers are. This means that you can celebrate a special occasion, like a birthday or retirement, with your close friends and family instead of a group of strangers.

The smaller nature of a private tour can also allow you to explore parts of a destination that would be difficult or impossible to reach on a larger bus or train. It can also be a better experience for those with mobility issues who may feel uncomfortable traveling with a large group of people they don’t know.

A private tour can also be a good option for those who are unsure about the COVID-19 pandemic and need to take a break from regular travel. Having someone to manage their arrangements and keep them updated on any changes can give peace of mind and help them rediscover the joy of traveling again. Tours like Globus and Tauck also offer “Adventure a la Carte” options where you can leave the group or vehicle behind and explore independently. You can even blend a small group or escorted tour with a private trip to reduce the risk of the single supplement being charged if you are travelling solo. private guided holiday

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