The Importance of Cyber Security

Just as physical security protects people and property from criminal activity or accidental damage, cyber security is aimed at protecting computer systems, back-end and end-user applications, and the data they store. Cybercriminals, malicious insiders and other actors are attempting to access, damage, disrupt or modify these IT systems and the data they hold.

The need for cybersecurity is especially pressing for companies that rely on remote working models. This means that sensitive data, strategies and analytics are constantly moving across the globe, via IoT devices, home Wi-Fi and personal computers. This makes it easy for hackers to find and steal this information. In one high-profile case in 2017, hackers stole the personal information of 147 million Americans.

In addition to being harmful to individuals, these attacks can cause significant disruptions for businesses that lose money and productivity. Cybersecurity helps to prevent this and to ensure that all business operations run smoothly.

While the work environment may be challenging for some cybersecurity professionals, it is also rewarding. This is because the job requires a combination of hard and soft skills. These include critical thinking, communication, networking and teamwork.

In order to thrive in this field, students can begin with a certificate program to earn a credential that will prepare them for entry-level positions. Additionally, SNHU offers an associate degree and bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity to help students further their education. These degrees will provide a foundation of knowledge for those interested in building on their existing expertise in the field. Security Operations Center

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