The Norcold Camper AC is Built For Off-Road Adventures

When you need a fridge that can keep up with your off-road adventures, look no further than the norcold camper ac. These fridges are built to handle rough terrain, long trips and extreme temperatures. There are RVs on the road today with 20-year old Norcold 3-way fridges that still function just as they did when they were new.

The Norcold Polar Series is a collection of residential-style 12V DC compressor fridges that are perfect for van campers, car campers and truck campers. They feature a quiet, hermetically-sealed Sawafuji refrigerator compressor and easy-to-access storage with adjustable bins and shelving. They also have reversible doors and travel latches that help them stay closed during transit.

These Norcold refrigerators are energy efficient and feature a night mode that reduces the compressor’s run time and fan speed to save on battery power and noise. They’re also user friendly with an easy-to-see and operate LCD control panel at eye level. They’re made in America by an American company, so you know you’re getting a high-quality refrigerator that’s built to last.

If you want an RV refrigerator that works on both propane and 120V AC electric power, check out a Norcold 2-way absorption fridge. These fridges are great for boondocking, where you’re camping off-grid and need a fridge that can run on both propane and your generator or engine alternator. They’re also ideal for RV parks and campgrounds, where you can plug into 120V AC power. norcold camper ac

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