Top 3 Icebreaker Questions to Get Your Team Laughing

When a new group meets for the first time, it can be hard to know where to start. Icebreaker questions can be a great way to warm up the conversation and get to know people. But it’s important to choose the right ones. Often, fun and silly questions can make people feel at ease and create more openness for sharing opinions, stories, and creative solutions.

Here are some of our favorite icebreaker questions that will get your team laughing and building a bond with one another. From funny icebreaker questions like two truths and a lie to more personal ones like a favorite ’80s movie, these icebreakers will give your new team members some laughs and help them feel more at home in the office.

These questions take a deeper look into what makes your team members who they are. They are perfect for a more intimate setting and can be used in the Forming stage of Tuckman’s model. Some of these include:

These are great icebreaker questions that can be done in any setting. For example, you can use them for a classroom or college class to help students connect with one another. Another example is asking participants to come up with an unusual nickname for themselves. This will allow them to have a fun and unique name for their persona online. They can then share their nickname with the rest of the group. Alternatively, you can use this icebreaker to have your employees rank different things such as their favorite candy or movies. ice breaker questions

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