Top 5 Best Workout Apps

The best workout apps have a lot to offer. They offer guided workouts by personal trainers and a variety of different training methods including HIIT, strength and yoga workouts. Many of these apps have free trials and a few even cost nothing at all, while the rest require a monthly fee. The best workout apps are highly effective and polished, offering a suite of fitness features and often offering discounts if you commit to three months or a year.

Nike’s app offers a range of workouts to meet most exercise goals with options that target specific problem areas and work the whole body. The app recommends workouts each day based on past sessions and offers full training plans for various goals. The app also provides healthy recipes to support your nutrition and wellness goals. Users can also log their sessions and track their progress on a daily basis and over time to see how they’ve improved.

While the app is geared towards runners, it’s a great all-round workout app that can help you achieve your exercise goals. Users can get a personalised workout recommendation from a personal trainer based on their gender, size, age and fitness level. The app also provides a catalog of exercises sorted by focus area, a workout calendar and quarterly workout challenges.

This free workout app provides a selection of yoga, core/strength and HIIT workouts to suit most people’s exercise goals. The workouts are usually less than 20 minutes long and many of them are led by celebrity athletes. The app also has a number of quick workouts to do on the go. It also includes a catalogue of nutrition tips to complement your workouts and help you get the most out of the app.

Peloton is a popular workout app for those with its own bike or treadmill, but it also offers thousands of interactive classes that can be done without the equipment. Testers loved the varied classes, upbeat instructors and the sense of community encouraged by this high-energy app. It’s worth noting that Peloton does add new classes regularly so you can keep your workouts fresh.

If you’re looking for an all-round weightlifting app that will track all your lifts and other movements accurately, try Strong. The free and pro versions of the app allow you to record all your workouts and track their details, including weight, reps, sets, intervals and notes. It also tracks advanced lifting techniques such as supersets, tri-sets, drop sets and pyramid sets.

Gymaholic is a no-frills, yet incredibly detailed app for Apple users that allows you to track your weightlifting session with accuracy. It tracks all your workouts and provides charts of your performance over a custom date range as well as an individual chart per lift. It’s perfect for anyone who is serious about their training and wants to be able to track their progress over time. It also allows you to add a variety of types of workout set, such as warm-up, sets to failure and drop sets. best workout apps

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