Video Editor SDK

Video Editor SDK empowers your application with an intuitive UI, an extensive filter gallery and advanced adjustment tools to help your users create engaging and professional looking videos in a flash. Whether they are looking to achieve a cinematic look with over 60 filters or transform their footage to fit common social aspect ratios, they will be able to do it easily and effortlessly thanks to the Video Editor SDK.

Video editing is a must have feature for any social media app and platform as it enables your users to showcase their talents and skills. Adding video editing capabilities to your application will help you build a strong user base and drive user engagement.

ComVideoKit offers the perfect solution to enhance your video editor experience with a streamlined UI that will boost your application’s adoption and engagement. The integrated UI can be customized to match the design of your app.

The Video Edit module is equipped with powerful functionality to process videos in an intuitive manner, enabling your users to trim, merge and split clips, apply animations, add text effects and more. It also features rich built-in static stickers, letting your users embellish their videos with unique caption styles and more.

ColorDirector lets you turn your video footage into a production-ready masterpiece with simple keyframe controls that can correct, balance and enhance colors. It also has a variety of unique color-matching controls that can automatically reproduce the style of any reference clip and create the perfect color effect for your project.

Filmage Screen is a screen recording software developed by the ComVideoKit team that’s widely used to capture screens for remote work, live streaming and more. Empowered by the ComVideoKit SDK, it provides fast screen capture with no loss of quality.

VideoClips is a video editor that allows you to easily create and edit short videos. It is easy to use and has a variety of themes and templates that allow you to create trendy videos with one tap!

You can also create a video using your own photos and videos, or you can choose from the photo library. You can add a music track or a song to your video and customize the look with overlays, frames, shapes and more.

The video editor is a complete suite of creative tools that enable you to make your videos stand out on social media. It has a variety of templates and features that can be tailored to suit any social media niche. You can even create animated video content using a large collection of animated stickers and other design elements.

Animated Text is the most important part of any video. It can help you convey a more emotional message to your viewers. It can also be used to promote a product or brand, or to share special events.

With the Animation tool, you can quickly and easily animate the text, images and graphics to add more life to your video. It can be done manually or automatically, and it will save you a lot of time.

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