Water Soluble Bag Manufacturers

The use of water soluble bags can offer a cost effective way to prevent waste and protect your products. Whether you are manufacturing, shipping, storing or displaying your products, these bags are an excellent choice for many applications. These bags can also be printed with your logo and information to promote your company. The material used for these bags is a non toxic and environmentally friendly polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) film.

The PVA is a synthetic organic polymer that is completely biodegradable in an aqueous environment. In a natural environment, the PVA will decompose into water, carbon dioxide and biomass due to microorganism action. These bags are manufactured in Italy and meet strict European environmental regulations. The bag design and manufacture are conducted by LMPE, Europe’s leading laboratory in the development of ecological polymers.

This is a unique bag that has been developed to allow laundry bags to be disposed of without the need for a plastic trash liner. These bags contain a specially designed film that will dissolve in the cold wash cycle of a washing machine. In the event that there is a leak or tear in the bag the cold water soluble portion will dissolve allowing the contents of the bag to discharge into the wash cycle and be flushed away.

Manufacturer of cold/hot water soluble bags to contain powders, granules and liquids. Available in different sizes, closures & colors. Bags can be printed with a barcode and custom sizes are available. Bags are manufactured to meet various industry specifications & stocked for immediate shipment. Industries served include industrial laundry, commercial & industrial cleaners & pest control.

These bags are manufactured from high quality clear, 2 mil, tamper evident, PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) film. When the bag is placed into cold water the bag will start to dissolve and degrade within 20 minutes. The bags are 100% biodegradable, non toxic and odorless. These bags are made to the highest standards and are based on an environmentally sound concept with a minimum of impact upon the environment.

H2OK is a new generation of laundry bags containing an eco-friendly biodegradable PVA film that is 100% recyclable and is fully compliant with all environmental regulations. They are used in place of traditional plastic bags and have many other uses such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, dyes, textiles, agrochemicals, and other dry materials. The bag is heat sealed and has a strong tensile strength. It is also a good moisture barrier with low air permeability.

The laundry bag of the present invention is a composite film made by folding the cold water soluble strip 2 over an additional hot water soluble strip 3 and adhesively bonding these together. This is particularly suitable for producing bags for use in hospitals where staff must minimize contact with contaminated laundry. In these bags the cold water soluble portion is kept out of contact with the wet laundry in the bag. When the bag is placed into the cold wash cycle of a washing machine the cold water soluble portion will dissolve and the laundry will be discharged through the opening formed by dissolution of the cold water soluble strip 2. The remainder of the hot water soluble portion will remain intact thereby protecting the contaminated laundry. water soluble bag manufacturers

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