What Is Utility Management?

Whether it’s power, water, internet, sanitation or waste management services, utilities are the backbone of any company. These services are necessary for a business to function, and they represent an area of expenditure where significant cost savings can be achieved with effective management.

Utility management involves the receipt and processing of a company’s utility invoices. Typically, these bills are scanned and data is then entered into an extensive database that captures every aspect of a company’s utility costs. This process may also include ongoing review for errors and potential cost-saving opportunities.

A key component of utility management is paying attention to detail. This is particularly important as it relates to tracking energy utilization, which can save your organization money on your monthly energy bill.

The ability to work independently and follow through on a task is another important part of this job. In addition, being able to communicate with other members of the team is vital. The best way to do this is by utilizing a tool that allows you to create and share checklists with everyone. This can help ensure that all teams are on the same page and that all tasks are completed in a timely manner.

A career in utility management requires a degree, usually in a relevant field like public administration, urban planning or engineering. This can be augmented by certifications in specific areas of the industry such as water treatment or oil and gas production. utility management

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