What to Expect From a Move Out Cleaning Service

If your lease is up and you’re moving on to a new home, you will likely need to clean your old property. This is important because it helps you pass your landlord’s inspection and ensures that you get back your security deposit if needed. It can also be an excellent way to leave the property in a good condition for its next tenant or sale.

While you may have cleaned certain areas while living in the apartment or house, a comprehensive move out cleaning is required to make sure that everything is spotless and ready for the incoming family. The good news is that professional cleaners can handle this for you. Here’s what to expect from a professional Atlanta move out cleaning

Professional cleaners start at the top of each room, including light fixtures and ceiling fans, windows frames, and skirting boards. They then sweep and vacuum carpets, and mop hard floors with special attention to stubborn stains. The kitchen and bathrooms are scrubbed, sanitized and descaled. The oven is sanitized inside and out. Cabinets, drawers, and cupboards are wiped down and dusted. The entire property is vacuumed, swept and mopped, paying special attention to corners and crevices.

Most professional cleaners provide a standard move out cleaning service for between $130 and $450. This is the price range for a 4-hour clean with all standard inclusions, and it includes travel time and any supplies the cleaner brings with them. If you’re interested in finding a local cleaner to help with your move out cleaning, you can check out the Airtasker marketplace here. You can post a task with your desired price and be matched with top-rated pros in just minutes.

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