When to Call for Emergency Heating Services

Even the best, most reliable heating systems are not immune to occasional issues. When these problems occur, it’s critical to seek Emergency Heating services that can address the problem and return your home comfort to normal as quickly as possible.

But what exactly constitutes an HVAC emergency and when should you call for immediate help? It’s a question we hear quite frequently. The following tips are a general guide to determining whether your HVAC system’s problem warrants an emergency call or not:

Strange Sounds
If you start hearing odd and unsettling noises coming from your heating equipment, it’s definitely time to give our team a ring. If left unattended, these sounds can indicate major damage that only gets worse over time and could ultimately require a replacement system in the future.

Smelling Gas
If your carbon monoxide detector goes off, get everyone out of the house immediately and call for emergency service right away. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be incredibly dangerous, especially for older homes. A faulty furnace may be working too hard to keep up with your home’s heat needs, leading to dangerous and deadly consequences.

EM Heat
When you switch your thermostat to the “Emergency Heat” setting, your backup heater (usually an electric heat strip or a natural gas or oil furnace) becomes active. This setting is usually used automatically in accordance with your heat pump’s operation, but it can also be turned on manually. If you turn on EM heat, be sure to contact Wentzel’s for a prompt repair and make sure not to switch back to the heat pump mode once outdoor temperatures become warmer. Doing so could damage your heat pump system.

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